What is InMerged

We digitize artists in this new revolution.

Our goal is to bring the Metaverse and the NFT closer to everyone. We dream of a new artistic era in the Metaverse, combining different artistic branches.

What we do for you

InMerged Services

We exhaustively analyze all the profiles with which we collaborate, offering a package of services to help in the transformation and adaptation of their art to the metaverse.


Consulting & Coaching


Objectives & RoadMapp


InMerge your art






NFT Gallery Management.

Our method

We ImMerge your art

Our team of experts will be in charge of offering you the best possibilities..

And now... what now?


Here is a long-term vision of what we have in mind..

10% Concept
  • Concept development
  • Team formation
20% Research
  • Verify functionality
  • Strategic plan
30% Design
  • Design of the platform
  • OpenSea trading or other platforms
  • Consulting and NFT release
50% Growth
  • Private financing
  • Development of own marketplace
65% Token
  • Token ICO
  • Integration of the token in the platform
75% VR
  • Metaverse development in VR
80% Alpha
  • Private metaverse test
  • Alpha launch
85% Connectivity
  • Smart contract support
  • Integration with other Blockchains
95% Publication
  • Release of the VR art metaverse
99% ...
  • New services for users and companies

Frequently Asked Questions

We quickly answer some of the most common questions

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique and unrepeatable digital token, which uses blockchain technology to guarantee not only its authenticity, but also that it belongs to a single user.

Although we are in the process of developing our own marketplace, there are many platforms with which we operate in order to sell and market your NFT.

Contact our team and they will take care of everything. From an exhaustive analysis to see all your strengths, the connection with other artists in case you need it, to the launching strategy.

Through NFTs you gain greater visibility as you access a much larger market, have greater control over the monetization of your art and endless creative possibilities.


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